Developing and operating infrastructure that powers the world is tough work. You get it. And that's why you need a partner that gets it too.

We know one day you could be focused on capital improvement projects, while the next you're forced to consider impacts of the latest industry regulations on your plant's operations.

And modernizing and expanding power delivery systems will take more than talk about building a smart grid. That's why our teams of designers and engineers are powered by scientists, planners, real estate and construction management professionals that keep your projects moving forward.

When it comes to renewable energy, we're with you right from the start. In fact, we lead the industry in its development. Our feet are on the ground at some of the world's most recognizable hydropower plants, leading the development process from initial permitting through design as well as the decommissioning of facilities when necessary. And we're partnering with you to bring groundbreaking wind and solar farms to life.

No matter what your generation portfolio mix includes or what success looks like for you, we have you covered. We've been by your side evolving and expanding our services since being awarded our very first project in 1917 (yep, it was a powerhouse).


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Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416
United States of America

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