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Based in northern Minnesota, we provide complete vegetation management programs for commercial customers in the Midwestern states. We create partnerships that result in long-term savings for our customers and minimize stress to the environment.  Our staff includes ISA Certified Arborists with Utility Specialist certification and a TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Specialist.

Founded in 1958, we bring 50 years of experience to every project. We are uniquely qualified to build relationships with the electric utility industry; Lake States Tree Service is a subsidiary of Lake Country Power (an electric cooperative located in northern Minnesota), giving us an understanding of the needs and challenges facing the industry. Our knowledge and background allow us to develop customized service programs with an emphasis on helping utilities deliver uninterrupted power at a competitive rate.

Our employees are trained and certified. Our equipment meets all federal and state regulations, and we reward safe work practices through a well-run safety program that embodies our commitment to safety and quality service. Thanks to our skilled workforce, we can mobilize quickly, allowing us to provide emergency services to our customers. Lake States Tree Service is fully insured.

We would be happy to provide a free estimate to any customer within our service area.

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Our employees are trained and certified. Our staff includes ISA Certified Arborists and Utility Specialists. We employ a full time Trainer and a TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional.

Lake States Tree Service crews use a broad range of equipment to meet the needs of our customers. Our fleet of specialized trimming, mowing and herbicide application equipment includes the following items:




For clearing:
  • Aerial Lift & Chipper
  • Bobcat Mower
  • Chip Truck & Chipper
  • Clam Truck
  • Grapple Skidder
  • Gyro-Trac
  • Mechanical Mower/Shearhead
  • Skidder Bucket
For spraying:
  • Bombardier Sprayer
  • Broadcast Sprayer
  • Six-wheeler with Tank
  • Skidder with Tank
  • Personal Spraying Equipment
  • Pickup with Spray Trailer




25172 Commercial Drive
Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744
United States of America

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