MP Nexlevel, LLC


MP is a nationally recognized full service utility contracting company that was founded in 1973. It started by offering excavation services locally in Minnesota. Today, MP offers turnkey services to a wide range of markets throughout the United States, with permanent offices in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas, California, and Arizona.

As a privately owned business, owned by Larry, Tim, and Rob Pribyl, MP Nexlevel takes pride in delivering quality work on time and within budget. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations with every project. No matter the continued growth of the company, MP values each and everyone one of its employees, giving the company more of a family feel, making us strong, viable, and successful.

Our Mission Statement

"Providing quality work based on experience, conducted safely and completed to our customer’s satisfaction… job after job”

MP Nexlevel Services

Telephone, Cable Television, Electrical and Gas Companies… They Rely on Us!
MP Nexlevel has been employed in the planning, installation and maintenance of aerial and underground infrastructure work for over four decades.

Licensed & Registered


We are licensed and registered to perform work in over 30 states across the U.S. MP Nexlevel is an industry leader with a significant national presence of over 500 employees and a diverse customer base that consists of:
  • Communications
  • Power
  • Gas
  • Educational Institutions
  • Water and Sewer Utilities
  • Alternative Energy
  • Private Industry

Aerial & Underground Infrastructure Installation
The services we offer cover the entire spectrum of aerial and underground infrastructure installation, our range includes: FTTX (Fiber to the Anywhere), splicing, infrastructure locating, network testing and certification, bridge attachments, conduit and cable placement, building entrance construction, and maintenance and support.

Quality Work & Outstanding Safety Record
MP Nexlevel has the company history and reputation for completing jobs with quality work while maintaining an outstanding safety record. Our experienced construction crews have the qualifications, certifications and technical training needed to complete all of your utility and communications infrastructure needs.

Our Mission
Whether burying a drop, pulling cable, performing emergency restoration or connecting an entire city, we never forget our mission: Perform quality work based on experience, conducted safely and completed to our costumers’ satisfaction… job after job.



500 County Rd. 37 E
Maple Lake, Minnesota 55358
United States of America

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